. . . B E C A U S E   E V E R Y   K I D   D E S E R V E S   THE  C H A N C E   T O    P L A Y

The Tinashe Cup Soccer Tournament

Meet the Teams! 


The teams gathered on Friday to check in and the two day tournament ran Saturday and Sunday. There were 16 boys teams and 2 girls teams. 


The Girls Exhibition Game was a huge success! It was a battle to the finish this year but in the end...a tie! The red team included FUNDaFIELD team members Morgan Taylor, Hayley Littlefield and Jenny Sharpe. The white team was joined by FUNDaFIELD team members Amanda Outcalt, Emily Reid and Kira Weiss.


Lukuli SS Futbol Club (T1)

Summitt SS (T2)

Lwanda (T3)

Kigando Futbol Club (T4)

Buswabulongo Futbol Club (T5)

Kawaawa Futbol Club (T6)

Lwamata Young Futbol Club (T7)

Super Star Lwamata (T8)

Savior High School (T9)

Kirangira Futbol Club (T10)

The Heroes Academy (T11)

Hem Soccer Academy (T12)

Swianse (T13)

Bamusuuta Futbol Club (T14)

Friends of Football (T15)

All Stars Academy (T16)