. . . B E C A U S E   E V E R Y   K I D   D E S E R V E S   THE  C H A N C E   T O    P L A Y

Join us, get involved today! Everyone can make a difference. Take a look at ways people are helping!

Danielle Mandelblatte wanted to raise $700 but she ended up raising $2,300 by holding a spin class and selling paper beads!

Jensen Neff is 16 and uses her photograpy skills to take portraits of families to raise money for FUNDaFIELD!

Ashley Zehrt & the Initiate Peace Club at Virginia Commonwealth University held their 2nd soccer tournament raising $400!

Matthew Flanagan ask for donations to FUNDaFIELD at his Bat Mitzvah instead of gifts. He donated $1,310.60.

Jillian and Jamie collected 100's

of soccer jerseys that were distributed to players in our Mwana Uganda tournament!

Joe Holden collected, sorted and delivered over 1,000 soccer jersies and shorts to FaF for his Eagle Scout project.

Morgan Graziadei held her first ever golf tournament and raised $900. She enjoyed it so much, it is now an annual event!

Brandi Geiger, owner of "Fit MindnBody" taught a Paleo Cleanse class, donating 100% of the registration fee.

Jake Lebovic held an indoor soccer tournament at his school and donated  $100 to FUNDaFIELD.

Hailey Hunter raised $1,300 baking (lots and lots of baking!) and selling her yummy treats at bake sales. 

Eight year old Owen collected 11 full sets of uniforms for Uganda and delivered them to Kyle personally.  Thank you Owen!

A big thank you to the 2007 u10 Mustang Courage Soccer team who "teamed up" to raise $797 to support soccer in Africa. 

You can make a difference!

FUNDaFIELD team member Hailey Hunter shared this video after traveling to Uganda.

initiatePEACE club at VCU raises money for FUNDaFIELD by holding soccer tournaments!

Age doesn't matter when it comes to helping others. Take a listen to 8 year old Owen!