Soccer gear you donate is distributed at FUNDaFIELD fields and tournaments.

Do you remember the first time you put on your new team jersey and walked with your team onto the field? Remember that amazing feeling? We do. And, we want to give that same feeling to kids in the communities we serve.  


Your donation of used gear, allows us to provide each team with soccer jerseys and more. It's impossible to describe the feeling that our FUNDaFIELD team feels as we distribute team gear to kids who have never been part of a team or had a jersey before.

But how can you play soccer without a ball? Lucky for us, there is One World Futbol. We are thrilled to partner with One World Futbol to deliver balls that, unlike other balls, are virtually impossible to destroy. When you play on terrain that is not perfect, with rocks and broken glass, balls are easily popped and destroyed. A One World Futbol is nearly impossible to deflate and destroy and the balls can be used over and over and over....