. . . B E C A U S E   E V E R Y   K I D   D E S E R V E S   THE  C H A N C E   T O    P L A Y


“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child,”  and at  FUNDaFIELD we know it takes a unique team of devoted Directors, Associates and Supporters to raise thousands of dollars. Our FUNDaFIELD team reached our initial goal of raising $100,000 and then our goal of raising $200,000.  Join us as we move toward reaching $500,000. We are thrilled to introduce you to our team and encourage you to support us in our efforts to FUNDaFIELD. 

MANAGING DIRECTORS - Each Managing Director manages two fundraising events per year and volunteers over 100 hours of service to FUNDaFIELD activities each year.

MANAGERS - Each Manager manages two fundraising events per year and volunteers a minimum of 50 hours each year.

ASSOCIATES - We appreciate their support and couldn't do what we do without them stepping up when needed!

PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD - FUNDaFIELD is proud to present our team members with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The prestigious award honors individual volunteers. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals are based on age and annual service hours. FUNDaFIELD award recipients are highlighted below.

If you need to verify involvement of a FUNDaFIELD team member, please use the form below.



Kyle Weiss 

Co-Founder & 

Executive Director

Claremont McKenna College - 2015

Garrett Weiss

Co-Founder and 

Refugee Development Director

USC - 2013

Kira Weiss

Managing Director & Web Sales

Monte Vista High School - 2016

Claremont McKenna College 

Emily Reid

Managing Director 

Monte Vista High School - 2017

University of Washington

Jenny Sharpe

Managing Director 

San Ramon Valley HS 2016


Danielle Mandelblatt


Northern Valley Demarest HS 2016

University of Michigan


A S S O C I A T E S   &   S U P P O R T E R S

It would not be possible to do what we do without their support!

To verify involvement of a team member, please contact us!

Thank you for contacting us about one of our FUNDaFIELD volunteers. We will get back to you right away!
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P A S T   M A N A G I N G   D I R E C T O R S


Gabbi Klein


MVHS - 2015

Mackenzie Shrieve


MVHS 2015 

Morgan Graziadei


Amadore 2014

Cole Kuhnsman

Cal Poly

SRVHS 2014

Lea DeLaPena


SRVHS 2014

Hailey Hunter


SRVHS 2014

Cole Kunsman
MVHS 2014

McKenna Doliber

Penn State


Jackson Meyer



Ben Panconi


MVHS - 2013

Travis Turley Colorado

MVHS - 2012

Cam Naderi

U of Michigan

MVHS - 2011

Justin Walz


MVHS - 2011

Jake Becker

U of Colorado

MVHS - 2011

Jack Michel


MVHS - 2011

Ryan McNutt


MVHS - 2009

Max Mendes

U of Arizona

MVHS - 2009

Isaac Liang


MVHS - 2009

Mitch Stein

U of Texas 

MVHS - 2009